Pema Tshering

Three Bodies

Title: Choe Ku, Lung Ku, Tuel Ku (Three Bodies)
Description: This piece is inspired from the way a traditional Buddhist alter is set up. In the alter, at the center stands a Buddha statue which is referred to as “Choe Ku” or the “Ultimate Enlightened 
Being.” On the left of the Buddha statue stands the “Lung Ku” or the statue of Chenrezig or any reincarnation or form of Chenrezig, an enlightened being but he is remained in the human world to help other sentient beings. On the right of is the statue of the saint Guru Rinpoche, who is believed to the second Buddha. No matter how big or small or how fancy or decorated the alter is, I have noticed that these three statues of enlightened beings are always set up in this way. I wanted to capture this combined and collective sacred energy of the three enlightened beings or bodies together on an alter into this piece, to make a in a way, a painted alter. 

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