Pema Tshering

Dry land

Title: Dry land

Description: This piece is inspired by the Buddha of Hungry Ghosts who is suppose to hold a treasure which is the antidote for miserliness.

The thought of hungry ghost always reminds me of the vacant and vast dry land where thirst and hungry seems inevitable. The color represents the dry land and the emotion of the miserliness is represented through the dry waves of dust.

Dimension: 4ft X 4ft

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


According to the text we must transmigrate six Bardos and first and the foremost is the Natural Bardo of this life.

They say that when one dies one meets the Buddha of six realms,who helps us to transcend our emotion. We must firs understand our own emotion to be liberated from them.

I feel that therefore, in the natural Bardo of this life,we find the first step to understanding death.

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