Pema Tshering

Blind sight

Title: Blind sight

Description: Inspired by the Buddha of Demi-god Realm carrying a sword and Shield as antidote to jealousy.

Even if we are surrounded by blessing and loved ones, emotions can be so powerful as to loose sight of what is right in front of us. May we always be reminded of all our blessings and overcome such emotions. 

Dimension: 4ft X 4ft

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas


According to the text we must transmigrate six Bardos and first and the foremost is the Natural Bardo of this life.

They say that when one dies one meets the Buddha of six realms,who helps us to transcend our emotion. We must firs understand our own emotion to be liberated from them.

I feel that therefore, in the natural Bardo of this life,we find the first step to understanding death.

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