Pema Tshering


Title: YAB Yum Heart Mudra

YAB YUM means father(male) and mother(female). In the painting the YAB and YUM are from a mask dance which takes place in Ura, central Bhutan once every year. Wearing different colored costumes which seem beautiful with different patterns and designs, the masks of the YAB YUM appear angry and wrathful. But these wrathful deties in their core and essence are compassionate and bear kindness for all sentient beings, thus they show the modern universal heart mudra symbolizing love for all.

In the background painted is the very common design called mentsi which is the yellow cloth with different patterns. Mentsi can be seen used as a common decorating cloth in different places and very commonly seen all over the country used during birth, death, promotion, marriage etc.., Thus when there is celebration like the Tshechu where mask dances are performed, we can see mentsi being used in the background giving a feel of intense familiarity, celebration and brightness.

Part of the Wishful Refraction solo exhibition (collection at Tansbao Gallery,Taiwan.)

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